• Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Magnetic Nanoparticles Type-S (5mL)

Apostle MiniMax technology ensures precise capture and separation of DNA, RNA, and other biomolecules. This is achieved through Apostle’s novel proprietary MiniMax magnetic nanoparticles with innovative features:

  • Novel material composition and surface chemistry - completely distinct from the conventional paramagnetic or superparamagnetic technologies.
  • Exceptionally large surface area.
  • Minimized variation.
  • Best-in-class suspension property.
  • Superb magnetic power.
  • Superb resistance to particle clustering.
  • Powered by Apostle MiniMax technology, Apostle MiniMax Type S is an excellent tool for the isolation of ultra-low concentration cell free DNA (cfDNA). 
  • Apostle MiniMax Type S is featured for its efficient recovery of small DNA fragments ( <100 bp) from biological samples, where major alternative products fail. 
  • This feature is quite useful when small DNA molecules have significant presence in the biological sample and need to be isolated.

Configuration: Type-S magnetic nanoparticles only, 5 mL


For more information, visit: https://www.apostlebio.com/minimax-technology.php


Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Magnetic Nanoparticles Type-S (5mL)

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