Apostle Inc Appoints David B. Goldstein, PhD at Columbia University to Scientific Advisory Board

Press release – Wednesday, January 31, 2018
For immediate release

MENLO PARK, CA, January 31, 2018 – Apostle Inc is pleased to announce the appointment of David B. Goldstein, PhD as a new member to its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Goldstein is John E. Borne Professor of Medical and Surgical Research at Columbia University. He is Director of Institute for Genomic Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Goldstein received his PhD degree in Theoretical Population Genetics from Stanford in 1994, and BS in Biology from University of California, Los Angeles.

“I’m pleased to welcome Dr. Goldstein,” said David Ge, CEO and Chairman of Apostle. “David is a renowned leader in genetics and an achieved researcher with a wealth of experience and expertise in human genetic diversity, the genetics of disease, and pharmacogenetics. His advice will add tremendous value to our company as we further our mission of bringing innovative technologies to help our community with the early detection of cancer and other potential clinical applications.”

Dr. Goldstein is Elected Member of AAAS. He was the recipient of Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award. His research at Columbia focuses on many aspects of human genetic variation including human genetic diversity, the genetics of disease, and pharmacogenetics.

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About Apostle Inc
Apostle Inc is a biotechnology company in Menlo Park, CA. It’s in the business of the research, development, licensing, and sales of novel technologies, and the related intellectual properties, products, and services for diagnosis and treatment of human diseases, to fundamentally improve the accuracy and efficiency of liquid biopsy - the testing of circulating free DNA (cfDNA) - in early cancer detection or other clinical applications such as noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT).

Apostle’s patent-pending technologies have 3 layers:
• Nanochemistry - Apostle MiniMax enables the capture and separation of circulating genetic material at a revolutionary 2X-10X higher efficiency over the conventional technologies;
• Bioinformatics - Apostle Triton AI learns from a cancer genomic big data of 30,000 patients;
• Hybrid - Apostle AID is a combination of MiniMax and Triton AI.

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