Job title: Lab Intern

Job Description
The Lab Intern will have a unique opportunity to experience, learn, and perform molecular biology and chemistry lab work by following standard operating procedure (SOP) and quality assurance/quality Control (QA/QC) system under general and technical supervision in a high-paced Silicon Valley startup environment. The successful candidate will have a rare opportunity to experience and learn real-world work on material chemistry, RT-PCR, NGS and other molecular manufacturing and diagnostic services.

Required Qualifications
  • You are expected to be a college student in molecular biology, genetics, chemistry, or related field. High school graduates to enter college programs are acceptable.
  • No work experience is required. Experience of working in a molecular biology lab is preferred.
  • Learn and perform DNA extraction from various specimen types.
  • Learn and perform manufacturing of nucleic acid processing products.
  • Learn and perform complex procedures include qPCR, RT-PCR and NGS library prep for sequencing services and BSL-2 diagnostic tests.
  • Correctly verifies that the proper specimen is being analyzed for the appropriate patients and that the appropriate test is being performed.
  • Learn and perform quality control procedures to ensure accuracy of clinical data.
  • Validates test results through correlation with test parameters and QC metrics.
  • Confirms testing on abnormal values to ensure accuracy prior to releasing of results.
  • Learn and perform preventative maintenance and troubleshooting on instruments and equipment.
  • Adheres to the laboratory’s quality control policies, document all quality control activities, instrument and procedural calibrations and maintenance performed.
  • Identifies issues that may adversely affect test performance or the reporting of test results and addresses the same.
  • Documents all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the laboratory’s established performance specifications.
  • Understands safety procedures relating to a laboratory to include handling of infectious biological agents as well as potentially hazardous chemicals; appropriate hazardous clean up procedures; universal precautions and infection control procedures.
  • Learn and perform other duties as necessary. Assist in new product/process development, to optimize and validate assay performance and improve laboratory processes. Work as part of a multi-disciplinary scientific team to implement experimental and manufacturing plans and achieve project goals; Communicate results of experiments with colleagues.
Compensation and Benefits
  • This is a full-time lab intern position with a potential to convert into a full-time employee in the future if good performance. We will write you a letter of recommendation based on your performance. The successful candidate is expected to be paid $20-$30 per hour based on their experience level.

Company Description
Apostle is a provider of innovative technologies and services for public health and life sciences.

Why work at Apostle
  • Opportunity – Apostle is a thriving startup located in the heart of Silicon Valley. This is an opportunity to become an early employee of an exciting and high energy pre-IPO Research and Development company.
  • Passion & Challenge – We are passionate about what we do and enjoy working with others who feel the same way. We embrace the challenge and hard work that come with working on the cutting edge. You are given the resources you need to succeed and the freedom to make it happen; in return, you will be rewarded as the company grows. We are looking for an enthusiastic person who understands and appreciates the entrepreneurial environment of a startup and who is willing to do what it takes to contribute to the success of the company.
  • Being part of a great team – We are a Stanford University StartX selected company; a BioSpace top 20 Startups to Watch (2018); a partner with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences; and our first wave of new product Apostle MiniMax is featured in Science, 2019;364(6441):696, New Products. Come join us.
Primary Location
North America-United States-CA-San Jose

How to apply
Send a CV to: