Apostle COVID-19 Viral RNA Isolation Automation System

Apostle’s response and solution to help our community fight COVID-19 together

High Quality, Lower Cost, Faster, Safer

  • High quality: Equal or better results compared with market leading products.
  • Lower cost: Guaranteed 30% - 50% less cost than other products on market.
  • Faster: One button start; Run time is approximately 40 minutes per 96 samples.
  • Safer: Integrated with a UV light for unit interior disinfection.

Apostle COVID-19

MagTouch Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation System & MiniGenomics Viral TotalNA Isolation Fast Kit


Title Description
Apostle-COVID-19-Viral-RNA-Isolation-System.pdf This link directs to download the product brochure.
Apostle-MiniGenomics-Viral-Total-NA-Isolation-MagTouch-protocol.pdf This link directs to download the system protocol.


Item Cat# Unit Size
Apostle MagTouch Nucleic Acids Extraction Automation System A190424 One MagTouch instrument, 96 well
Reagents and Consumables, Ordered in Package
Apostle MiniGenomics Viral Total NA Isolation Kit with Plates & Tip Comb Included A200619P-384 One Kit, 384 (96X4) reactions, with plates and tip combs
A200619P-1536 One Kit, 1536 (96X16) reactions, with plates and tip combs
Reagents and Consumables, Ordered Separately
Apostle MiniGenomics Viral Total NA Isolation Kit (Not Including Plates & Tip Comb) A200619-96 One Kit, 96 reactions
A200619-384 One Kit, 384 reactions
A200619-1000 One Kit, 1000 reactions
Apostle MagTouch 96 deep well plate A191212-50 Fifty deep well plate, 96 well each
Apostle MagTouch 96 tip comb A191214-100 One hundred tip comb, 96 well each

Apostle MiniGenomicsTM Viral Total NA Isolation Fast kit

Product overview
  • For fast extraction and purification of viral nucleic acids from various kinds of biological samples collected in multiple transport media
Product features
  • Novel and original magnetic nanoparticle technology for nucleic acids isolation
  • Various sample types: swabs, saliva, blood
  • Optimized standardized protocol for viral total NA isolation in 30 min without heating
  • Compatible with multiple high-throughput automated nucleic acid extraction platforms
  • Configuration: 96 preps (A200619-96), 384 preps (A200619-384)
Simple isolation workflow

Apostle COVID-19

  • Typical magnetic bead-based workflow
  • 30 mins process time
  • No heating required
  • Compatible with downstream RT-PCR detection
  • Consistent results with major brands
Consistent results
Apostle COVID-19
Apostle COVID-19

* A widely used brand.

Automated Isolation with MagTouch

Apostle COVID-19


  • Throat swab samples collected in PBS
  • Total NA isolation by Apostle Viral Total NA Isolation Fast Kit
  • Manual isolation and automation isolation on MagTouch 1000 (96 throughput) in parallel
  • RT-PCR for internal reference target gene detection or for spike-in bacteria RNA
Viral RNA isolation by manual and MagTouch is consistent
Apostle COVID-19
Apostle COVID-19
System is integrated with an internal UV light for unit interior disinfection
Apostle COVID-19


  • We thank the COVID-19 fighters for battling with this highly contagious virus. We understand the importance of working in a clean environment that can be conveniently disinfected from time to time.
  • System is integrated with an internal UV light that can be conveniently turned on between runs for unit interior disinfection.
Strong Global Supply Chain
Apostle COVID-19
  • We have built a strong global supply chain, and provide an ample and stable supply of all the reagents and consumables required for our automatic system.
  • Not only will we not increase the price, but also we join this fierce battle with COVID-19 and contribute to our nation and community by answering for your supply shortage and pledging a guaranteed 30-50% less cost compared with other products on market.